Cucumber Spray

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Our hydrosol arq is water-based with a softer, more subtle scent. This face arq contains minimal and clean ingredients to help refresh dry and combination skin.
This facial spray is infused with cucumber water to give your skin the hydration it needs throughout the day, you can expect your skin to stay hydrated without inflammation. You can also expect an all-in-one solution to help cleanse, tone, moisturize the skin, and control oil production, making it great for all skin types.
Not only are cucumbers a great addition to your diet because of their high nutritional value, but they also have great benefits when applied to your skin. This Soothing Cucumber arq is packed with antioxidants and fast absorbing enriched with vitamins to help tone your skin. Best of all, this arq will work for all skin types.

Benefits of Hydrosol arq:
For Anti-fungal Treatment
Treating Dry Skin
Treatment of Blemishes.
Moisturizing Properties.
Prevention of Harm from UV Rays.
Treating Acne
Keeps Dark Circles Away.
Anti -Inflammatory Agent.
Treats Skin Problems.
Anti-Aging Benefits.

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